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"Time seems to disappear into a big black hole ~ and in the darkness are mystery, unexpected pleasures, and glimpses of light." - White Carousel


EC Steiner EC Steiner | Photography by Chris Golden

Alchemical Artist, Errant Decadent & Purveyor of Lygophilous Dreams

EC Steiner is an Atlanta-based artist, designer, and sometimes storyteller, focused on crafting works that blur the line between the sensuous and the grotesque and exploring an undeniable fascination with illusory spaces, liminal beings, and things more foul than fair.

His current projects place an emphasis on the construction of visual narratives and draw heavily from interests in mythic arts, classical horror, metaphysics, and dark, surreal fantasies. Outside the studio, he suffers from an unhealthy predilection for underground culture, cult cinema, weird fiction, occult adventures, and all things born from a love of wandering beyond the pale.

In early 2014, Steiner joined other artists in choosing to exclusively focus on the creation of original artworks. This pursuit endeavors to re-emphasize the importance of fresh voices, neoteric concepts, and creative comprehension in a culture that increasingly promotes derivative works.

His one-of-a-kind and limited-edition artworks can be viewed firsthand at various gallery exhibitions across the country and at local and national events throughout the year.

Exhibitions & Published Works

2014 – “Trial By Cauldron.” Canaan Cult Revival. Ed. Christian Sager (Contributing artist and writer); October
             2014 Ghastly Award NomineeBest Short Story in an Anthology
2014 – Monster Science, Season 2, How Stuff Works (Contributing artist); September
2014 – “@Bloody_Bat_Theory.” My Dream Date With A Villain. Ed. Tenebrous Kate: Heretical Sexts (Contributing artist and writer); September
2014 – Yours Truly: 100 Postcards for Human Rights, Alexi Era Gallery, Saint Louis, MO; May
2014 – Monster Science, Season 1, How Stuff Works (Contributing artist); April
2014 – The Grotesque: International Art Exhibition, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA; March
2013 – Splendid Trespass, Eight of Swords, Brooklyn, NY (in collaboration with Carisa Swenson); October
2012 – Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, Kansas City, MO; May
2012 – Ethereal Darkness, Opiate Gallery, Ft. Collins, CO (curated by David Richardson); May
2011 – AlphaBeasts! (Contributing artist); October
2011 – Ars Sominum, “The Plague Doctor” (in collaboration with Carisa Swenson); March
2011 – Think of the Children by Christian Sager (Artist, designer and fabricator); January
2010 – Fire Mass, Volume 1, Issue 1 (Contributing artist); March
2010 – Middle♦Night, (Artist and writer); March
2009 – Witches, MonsterBrains (curated by Aeron Alfrey); October
2008 – Poxus 2.0, ROTO, Volume 1, Issue 3 (Artist and writer)
2007 – Poxus 1.0, ROTO, Volume 1, Issue 1 (Artist and writer)